First In Software is going to SFFMA Conference in McAllen, Texas

May 30, 2023 | Conferences

We will be in Booth #1011 in the beautiful McAllen Convention Center, showing a complete demonstration of the Responder360 Incident Response Software platform. 

Responder360 brings CAD information, AVL functionality and Preplanning together in one affordable, convenient package designed to augment or replace your current MDT solution.  We provide your responding Firefighters, EMS Crews, and Incident Commanders with one common operating picture, giving them the best opportunity to make appropriate strategic and tactical decisions while responding to and after arrival at emergency scenes.

Our internal Unit Status Switching allows crews to communicate their response status with other members of their department visually and tracks status times for the entire response life cycle.  That information can be relayed to your NFIRS/NEMSIS documentation system along with other relevant CAD data for easing the documentation burden on your crews and staff.

Responder360 Station Boards provide an aggregated view of your entire operation into one, configurable display at key locations in your department.  The Station Board display provides call alerts and automatic routing displays for quick reference when crews are leaving the station.

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