New Feature – Internal Status Switching is now available for Agencies using Email CAD Integrations

May 8, 2023 | Enhancements

Responder360 users who are limited to sending their CAD information to us via email can now utilize the system to track their statuses internally.  Additionally, those statuses are available for review in our Incidents log.  Users can refer to the incident log to aid in documenting unit times on NFIRS reports and, if your RMS system supports it, we can automatically send that information to them using our NFIRS API solution. 

For those departments who utilize CAD systems that push unit status updates to us automatically through database integrations, nothing has changed – you will continue to receive your unit updates in real time as they are pushed to our servers.  Incident logging and NFIRS integration will continue to be a function outside of the Responder360 system for your departments.

We are reaching out to our existing customers that utilize email connections directly, but if your dispatch center is limited to sending CAD information via email, contact us to see how we can help.  Using internal status switching can give you a deeper insight into your department’s operations as well as increase your productivity by easing your documentation burden.


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