We’ll see YOU at the Firehouse EXPO

Sep 25, 2023 | Conferences

First In Software is looking forward to seeing YOU at the 40th Annual Firehouse Expo in Columbus, Ohio September 25th – 29th. 

We will be located at booth number 607, just off to the right of the main entrance to the exhibit hall.   

Using modern web-based technologies, we’re putting more tools in the hands of emergency service organizations than they have ever had before to help them meet their operational goals.  We provide a connection between dispatch and responders to provide up to date incident information.  Unit locations and operating statuses are visible real-time on any map layer with our AVL overlay.  Occupancy, incident preplan, and hydrant data is available at a touch by all department members on any device.  All of this provides your responders and staff with a common operating picture at every emergency scene. 

This year we’ll be showing off Responder360’s new station board functionality – Overwatch360.  With Overwatch360, responders and command staff can keep an eye on the status of their entire organization, including all active calls as well as the locations and response status of every piece of apparatus in the organization.  The Overwatch360 system is configurable to sound of station alerts and automatically display a route map to every incident scene from the station location. 

Stop by booth 607 to take a look at how you can improve your organization’s operations in the most cost-effective manner available in today’s market. 


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