PSTrax and First In Software are now Referral Partners

Jun 17, 2022 | Partners

First In Software announces a referral partnership with PSTrax, the world’s leading checklist and inventory management system for first responders. The two companies are joining forces to bring best-in-breed services to the ever-expanding technological needs of the emergency services market.
PSTrax allows customer agencies to consolidate their vehicle, station, equipment, supply and controlled substance checklists into a user-friendly system that takes advantage of proven, modern technology. Assigned users are notified of what daily, weekly, and monthly tasks they are required to complete, while Supervisors are kept informed of the progress of their assigned staff. All members have immediate and ongoing access to information regarding new and un-resolved issues in their relevant areas of responsibility. Implementation of the system is a snap. The PSTrax deployment team works with customer representatives to gather local specifics, then builds the system accordingly. PSTrax continues that precedent with unlimited customer support and system updates for any system changes that need to be implemented over time.
PSTrax operates out of Littleton, Colorado. For more information on their products, visit


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